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Service Programs by Age

-服务内容(按年龄分类) -

Parents/Partners 父母/伴侣

Parents living with gifted children need to be cared for. Once they found their joy and struggles of raising children with diverse exceptional needs understood and echoed by empathetic professionals, the parents would feel more ready to reach out for appropriate support than before. Our programs are specifically designed for parents to gain both aniticipatory guidance and empowerment.

 Programs on Interpersonal and Independent Skill Building

 Family Psycho-education 家庭心理教育
 Career Profiling 事业历程重组
 Social Emotion Education (Tailor made) 情绪社交教育 (个别度身编制)
 Self Management Coaching (ADHD, ASD, Mood) 自我管理训练 (配合专注力失调丶自闭/亚斯伯格症丶情绪失调等需要)
 Referrals for Specialist Evaluation 转介各类复康服务
 Workplace Case Follow-up 职场/工作间个案跟进
 Individual Counseling 个别辅导

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