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Service Programs by Age

High School Students

High school students are vulnerable and easily misunderstood as social and academic underperformers. Individual profiling becomes important to advance self understanding and parental acceptance for social and intellectual readiness for personal growth and overcoming barriers to higher education.

 Programs on Assessment for Education Planning

 School Advices
 Subject Choices
 Parent Psycho-education
 Placement for Gifted Programs
 CTY Programs of Johns Hopkins University
 Overseas School/College Application
 Subject Tutoring (Math, Science, English)
 Admission Test Preparation (SCAT, SSAT, SAT I & II, TOEFL, IELTS)
 Vocational Awareness and Internship
 A.L.M. (Gifted Learners Group)
 Social Emotion Education (Tailor made)
 Behavioral Coaching (ADHD, ASD, Mood)
 Referrals for Specialist Evaluation
 School-based Case Follow-up
 Individual Counseling


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