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Service Programs by Age

College Students

College matters. A review of current research on adjustment issues of student and college success, caregivers should never pay too little concern with the social and academic challenges of college life. With early identification of college readiness and the gap between academic performance and social Understanding, some hidden difficulties should have been tackled before the onset of crisis. Our College Readiness programs cover important themes such as Smart Use of Learning Support Services, Organization Skills and Self Regulation (Mood and Attention Control), Daily Life Adaptive and Interpersonal Skills, Pre-career internship, Study-to-work transitions.

 Programs on Assessment for Ed. and Career Planning

 Career Profiling
 Interpersonal and Independent Skill Building
 Family Psycho-education
 Social Emotion Education (Tailor made)
 Behavioral Coaching (ADHD, ASD, Mood)
 Referrals for Specialist Evaluation
 College-based Case Follow-up
 Individual Counseling


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