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Why Choose Us

ICGT is the ONLY counseling centre in East Asia specializing in gifted individuals with learning disabilities, Aspergers' Syndrome, visual-spatial learners, and giftedness across the lifespan.

You want personalized service that works FOR YOU

Families choose ICGT because we listen to your needs. We believe that we can only support any gifted individual's optimal development by understanding their individual uniqueness. We tailor-make your treatment options based on the needs of your child and your family. An initial appointment is conducted to work out what the best treatment plan is for your child. An additional family visit may be conducted to learn more about the needs of your family.

You deserve an experienced team that delivers optimal results

We have been serving exceptional learners and their families since 1997. That's sixteen solid years of counseling and assessment experience during which we transformed the lives of well over 700 families and counting! We design appropriate assessment plans to discover your strengths and address your unmet needs. More importantly, our experience tells us that an optimal treatment outcome relies on a timely, synchronized and collaborative approach that utilizes the expertise of several professionals. Our team comprises of enthusiastic professionals in clinical psychology, behavioral optometry, family therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, fitness training, pediatrics, psychiatry, and so on. Check out our support network.

    You need trained experts with specialist knowledge in gifted education

    Josephina, our Founder and Director, received her training in gifted education and counseling from world-class experts, such as

  • Dr Linda Silverman, Director of the Gifted Development Centre in Denver, Colorado;

  • Prof George Betts, Founder of the Autonomous Learners' Model (ALM) and Summer Enrichment Program (SEP);


  • Prof C. June Maker, Professor of Special Education, University of Arizona

  • Questions? Drop us an email or phone +852 2636 1860.

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