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What is Giftedness

Definition of Giftedness

The view of giftedness maybe varied. Some people concern about the academic achievement, others concern about the emotional and behavioural gifted individuals. Regardless of the variations of understanding giftedness, the gifted individuals can tell you right away how they feel like. Giftedness is intense sensitivity that you can't help it or deny its existence.

Giftedness intensifies an individual's capacity to quest for deeper meaning of everything, anything. Giftedness triggers persistent passion and adorable compassion to reach perfect. It is a call for a fulfilling life.


Many gifted individuals echo the following definition from the bottom of their hearts:

"Giftedness is Asynchronous Development in which advanced cognitive abilities and heightened intensity are combined to create inner experiences and awareness that are qualitatively different from the norm.
This asynchrony increases with higher intellectual capacity. The uniqueness of the gifted renders them particularly vulnerable and requires modifications in parenting, teaching and counseling in order for them to develop optimally."

The Columbus Group, 1991


Common Characteristics of Giftedness (L.K. Silverman and E. B. Maxwell, 1993)

The "timetables for development" gifted children have different from other children.

They may display significantly advanced abstract thinking and sensitivity to feelings or moral issues. Nonetheless, they may not be showing equally exceptional performance in the regular educational setting as their age peers. They may even be facing more challenges than others.

 1. Reasons well (good thinker)
 2. Learns rapidly
 3. Has extensive vocabulary
 4. Has an excellent memory
 5. Has long attention span *
 6. Sensitive (feelings hurt easily)
 7. Shows compassion
 8. Perfectionistic
 9. Intense
 10. Morally sensitive
 11. Has strong curiosity
 12. Perseverance when interested *
 13. Has high degree of energy
 14. Prefers older companions/adults
 15. Has a wide range of interests
 16. Has a great sense of humor
 17. Early or avid reader **
 18. Concerned with justice, fairness
 19. Judgment mature for age at times
 20. Is a keen observer
 21. Has a vivid imagination
 22. Is highly creative
 23. Tends to question authority
 24. Shows ability with numbers
 25. Good at jigsaw puzzles

* Consider attention span or perseverence for areas of interests: Does the child stay with tasks for long period of time?
** If the child is too young to read, then is s/he intensely interested in book?

Why Early Identification

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