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What is Giftedness

Meaning of Giftedness is experienced differently by individuals.

While people talk about gifted education, the meaning of giftedness may be interpreted differently by different people.

 Definition of Giftedness

What is giftedness? Giftedness is a loaded word. Why?

Wow, what a challenge!

The Challenge of Being Parents of Gifted Children


Developmental needs: Intense and varied.

The Development of Gifted Children


IQ Test - Its Functions and Limitations

IQ Test - Its Functions and Limitations

Supporting Parent or Child?

Supporting Parents of Gifted Children


Reference: J.A.Ho (2005).

Things are not going well for parents of gifted Children- What can be done to Improve the Situation? Case News. Vol 1(2). Center for Advancement in Special Education, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong. (Renamed as CAISE)

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