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  • Questions about IQ test
  •  What is the purpose of getting assessed?
     Aren't all intelligence tests biased?
     How do I understand my child's IQ test scores?
     What if, after testing, my child is not gifted?

  • Busting myths about giftedness
  •  Gifted children aren't necessarily high achievers.
     Gifted children are human who aren't 'immune' from learning difficulties!
     Teachers need specialist training to meet the unique needs of gifted individuals.


    Myth #1: Giftedness means high academic achievement.


    Most schools restrict their definition of giftedness to academic performance in conformance to the guidelines set out by the Education Bureau. This outdated definition is dangerously insensitive to the unique needs of gifted individuals. How so? Restricting giftedness to academics means that "gifted education" in schools cater only to high achievers.

    Myth #2: Since gifted individuals are high-ability learners, they are "immune" from learning disabilities. They don't need help.


    Gifted individuals may be exceptionally abled and exceptionally dis-abled at the same time! Why? Gifted individuals are human too. They may also have learning disabilities, psychological difficulties, or physical diseases. Moreover, throughout the life cycle, gifted individuals experience asynchronous development: their specific cognitive and emotional capacities become more advanced than others in the same age group. School-based education is age-based which makes it potentially insensitive to the gifted individuals' developmental needs.

    Myth #3: All teachers can identify gifted students in the classroom. Teachers do not need special training when working with gifted students.


    All teachers have the potential to be great educators for gifted children, but not all teachers are gifted education specialists. Education in teaching typically devotes little attention, if any, to ways that help teachers recognize the unique needs of gifted students. With understanding and the willingness to undertake specialist training in gifted education, we believe that teachers will be better equipped serving the academic, emotional and social needs of their highly intelligent students.

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