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Social Responsibilities

ICGT believes that all individuals and organisations are obliged to act to benefit society at large (although we’re a small private practice!)
Here’s how we do our bit to give back to local communities:


No one is an island. Giftedness can serve as bridges to connect people for overcoming obstacles, poverty, hopelessness, alienation and different forms of human suffering. We need to learn how to join with other people and stay engaged for a meaningful cause. To make things happened.

Our founder, Josephina, on behalf of the International Center for the Gifted and Talented (HK) actively involves in various voluntary services such as building world peace, making friendship with the poor and the underprivileged (e.g. Migrants from South Asian countries and their children, Ex-inmates and, homeless people). The experience of making true friendship with people from different ethnic and socioeconomic background is invaluable. Such experience is good to share with our gifted students that embracing differences between people demands us to grow.

We invite our students to join these voluntary services locally and internationally. More importantly, we use these services to help our students reflect on these service experiences and discover their connection with other peoples. Through engagement and reflection, our students find their effort to make true friendship with people from disadvantageous background will prevent us from being ignorant, radical, self serving or even self-absorbed. Being gifted doesn't mean any good or bad. As long as we discover the joy of sharing our time and being able to serve others who need us. At the end of the day, we are all dust. Personal achievement and glory never lasts forever but impact of our compassionate act. Most importantly, we become part of the driving force with other compassionate people to make a difference in the world, however small.

Individual giftedness doesn't last but dedication to find people in need of our strengths and gifts and serve them with respect and love.

Public Education

Looking for a Gifted Education expert for your organisation's event? Our director is an enlightening speaker on coping with learning difficulties, parenting gifted children, giftedness in adult populations, addressing social and emotional needs, inclusive teaching practices, latest research on special education, the Autistic Spectrum, and more. We do not charge non-profit groups the regular honourarium.

Pro bono service

ICGT's pro bono service uses the specific skills of our professional team to provide quality service to those who are unable to afford them.

Questions? Drop us an email /phone +852 2636 1860 or 9233 0504(Whatsapp)


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