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About ICGT

We Understand Individual Uniqueness and Support for Optimal Development

The International Center for the Gifted and Talented (HK) is a self-funded independent organization in Hong Kong specializing in the provision of assessments and counseling support for the gifted and talented in Hong Kong.


The Center, founded in 1998, is led by Mrs. Josephina A. Lee,whose professional expertise in psychological assessment and counseling for the gifted has enlightened and inspired many, including children and parents, who received her individual professional care, attention and advice.

Our Center is currently run by a group of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals, including clinical psychologists, social workers, academic coaches and pediatricians. They collaborate to ensure that the psychological, emotional and affective needs of the gifted are well taken care of.


The Center has established a strong international network of professionals who are involved in major areas of education and support for gifted individuals. The Center is affiliated with many world-class institutions in the United States including:

Gifted Development Center in Denver, Colorado;
The Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University;
The University of Northern Colorado;
The University of Arizona.

﹣Meaning of our Logo ﹣

We See Giftedness and Talents as the Fruitfulness of Life.

Our Logo Shows:

The inner flame of passion inside keeps burning,

filling our heart with unceasing energy and,

bearing the fruitfulness of life;

ICGT is akin to a green leaf, being there to see the passion glow and grow.

Questions? Drop us an email /phone +852 2636 1860 or 9233 0504(Whatsapp)