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Service Programs by Age

﹣服務內容(按年齡分類) ﹣

Elementary School Students小學生

Young gifted students are typically motivated to explore their interests in depth. Their self driven learning style, however, may not express itself in regular classroom. It is important to preserve their genuine interests and natural passion of learning. Several programs are specifically designed to address the unmet needs of the gifted young in the regular school setting.

 Programs on Assessment for Ed. Planning  

 School Advices 學校事宜指引(包括選校、校內協調)
 Parent Psycho-education 家庭心理教育
 Placement for Gifted Programs 編讀資優課程
 Social Emotion Education (Tailor made) 情緒社交教育(度身編製)
 A.L.M. (Gifted Learners Group) 「自主學習」資優小組
 Individual Counseling 個別輔導

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