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Scarlett Ho

Children face with social challenges in peer relationship and frustrations in their studies. Sometimes, they may not be able to share their feelings and struggles freely and timely.  Social stories with pictures showing what happens to them, happy or sad, can help them see why and what to do for positive outcomes desirable to the individual.  One time, I was amazed that my student with difficulties to express and handle his personal feelings (e.g. anger and sadness) was able to reflect deeply. By referring to comics of his own social experience, the student becomes aware of various options to deal with bullies.   Furthermore, drawing their experiences in pictures (social stories) therefore allows caregivers more time to discover the inner world and new potentials of the child.  Seriously, least restrictive environment is more than construction of facilities.  Social stories can create the psychological space for the highly able students to have a least restrictive environment to explore their feelings and thinking as well as options for desirable social outcomes.  With the social stories, significant improvements in the highly able students with Asperger or ADHD are shown.

I believe Social Stories a great instrument to help our gifted students discover new possibilities to overcome social barriers and other hidden difficulties in school early.~Scarlett

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